fata kiefer | bio

Fata Kiefer, formerly known as Fatá, was born in Venezuela. The beginning of his career as producer was influenced by his intense appreciation towards electronic music as well by his experience as dj, in cities like Caracas, Barcelona, Bogotá and Berlin.

His music is characterized by tropical atmospheres, colorful ethnic elements and traces of several electronic music styles, ranging from Techno, House all the way to Deep House. Fata Kiefer has released some of his tracks on Hipi Duki Muzik. Furthermore, he is an active member of artist Aérea Negrot's (Bpitch Control) live show.

After his residency in Macarena Club, one of the most influential underground techno clubs in Barcelona, Fata Kiefer has found in Berlin his new source of inspiration, and his work as producer is finding a desired resonance.

Fata Kiefer performed in the following clubs till now:
Arena Club (Berlin, Germany)  |  Badeschiff (Berlin, Germany)  |  Barrabar (Caracas, Venezuela)  |  Bar Tausend (as Aérea Negrot. Berlin, Germany)  |  BeCool (Barcelona, Spain)  |  Cassero (as Aérea Negrot. Bologna, Italy)  |  Chantal House of Shame @ Bassy (Berlin, Germany)  |  Club Motherfucker @ Corsica Studios (as Aérea Negrot. London, UK)  |  Dogville Kunstkamp (as Aérea Negrot. Hamburg, Germany)  |  Elettrowave Festival (as Aérea Negrot. Livorno, Italy)  |  Eschloraque (Berlin, Germany)  |  Flaalf Kunstwerkstatt MusikLab (Berlin, Germany)  |  Girls Town @ Kino International (as Aérea Negrot. Berlin, Germany)  |  Golden Gate (Berlin, Germany)  |  Harry Klein (as Aérea Negrot. Munich, Germany)  |  HBC. (as Aérea Negrot. Berlin, Germany)  |  Kreuz16 (Munich, Germany)  |  LaSala (Bogotá, Colombia)  |  Le Regine (as Aérea Negrot. Paris, France)  |  Levee (Berlin, Germany)  |  Luzia (as Aérea Negrot. Berlin, Germany)  |  Macarena Club (Resident. Barcelona, Spain)  |  Panorama Bar (as Aérea Negrot. Berlin, Germany)  |  SantaLaDiabla (Caracas, Venezuela)  |  Saturator (as Aérea Negrot. Warsaw, Poland)  |  Showcase (as Aérea Negrot. Paris, France)  |  Slakthuset (as Aérea Negrot. Stockholm, Sweden)  |  Spot (as Aérea Negrot. Poznan, Poland)  |  Spy Club @ Cookies (as Aérea Negrot. Berlin, Germany)  |  Suka (Caracas, Venezuela)  |  Tacheles (Berlin, Germany)  |  The Flower (Caracas, Venezuela)  |  Tiffany's Club (Caracas, Venezuela)  |  Tresor (Berlin, Germany)  |  Watergate (as Aérea Negrot. Berlin, Germany)